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A lifelong love - the journey not the destination...

I have played violin and piano since I can remember hearing the beauty of the bowed string aged 6. It has been a constant for me in good and bad times; taking me across the world and making friends wherever I am. It is the cornerstone of my teaching to inspire a lifelong love of playing music in everyone who comes to me for lessons. No one has to be a virtuoso or even love performing, to experience the satisfaction of making a beautiful sound, communicating without words, or bringing printed and spontaneous notes to life in any genre. 

Music is, for me, simply a way of life and I am at my happiest surrounded by picking, plucking, bowing, tapping, blowing and reverberating.

Join in!

I designed this poster for Tundi Productions and will be playing in this iconic masterpiece by Wagner with my brother Hugh Keelan and sister in law Jenna Rae.